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Variable size bathroom

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Using a big one of those folding door things, the kind that have about a a bunch of hinges and panels that make up the door so it can fold up, you could have a sort of variable size bathroom.  The door thing folds out from the wall to form both the wall of the bathroom, and of course the door.  In this way, you can still use the floor space that would otherwise belong to the bathroom, while you aren’t using the bathroom.  The grey lines in the figure indicate the path the door could follow at different times. kitchen counter might not ne the best use for the adjacent space, but you get the idea.

Mind you, I have to admit this seems kind of shabby, if you know what I mean.  It would be a bother to pull the door out, and might seem kind of flimsy.  Once you start going down that road, you start to loose that impression that this is a solid house built to last, ya know? If you could have actual sliding walls, that might be a bit better, like shown in the second figure.  Because of the location of the doorway, you can either use this with the wall slid back in it’s stowed position for a quick piss, or if there is company around or whatever, you can roll it out.  You would probably have some sort of rails on the ceiling, I guess, but wheels could support most of the weight load.

The toilet in the image is shown with what looks like a tank, but it  might be better to use a tankless toilet, takes up a bit less space and look classier, I noticed jay shafer does that.

The space above the toilet is still unused most of the time.  Maybe it would just be better to make the toilet itself fold or roll away when not in use.  You would need a way to do the plumbing, but it’s probably electric flush or whatever anyway, so that’s no big deal, with flexible tubing


This post is a post I selected from the archives to repost. Since few if any of the current readers have read it, I thought it would be just as good as a newly written post.


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March 19, 2010 at 15:07

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