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If there is nowhere to place the resulting tinyhouse. Nowhere to put it, park it. site it, build it, no land to put it on. Whatever you want to call it.

And there isn’t. Usually, right now. We need, need, need to change this, bit the reason I, and I think other bloggers, don’t talk about it much, is because we don’t know how to change it. Yet, all the talk about tinyhouse design, and the great projects some people have come up with, and how to build it, etc. is all just running around in circles, unless, at least at some time in the future, tinyhouses will be permitted in practical locations.

I might have some idea, to draft the recommended change to the law, present it an the case for it to the politicians (whether at the state or more local level, including changing the “model codes” provided by the state that municipalities often adopt), and make sure they know this is what the people want through letter campaigns, etc.

I have also heard that once a group of politicians gets something on their radar, they sometimes get a report issued on it by a hired team of pros, to work out the pros and cons. If we could get them to do that, that would be good, and the report would certainly be interesting to read.

But at the end of the day, I haven’t got the skills to do this myself, though it seems like with most political movements there has to be a few people willing to share a lot of the burden of the work, or nothing ever gets done. But that doesn’t mean the organizers can’t crowdsource or outsource to reduce that load… An fundamentally, I resent this idea, too often accepted without question, that laws are very hard to change, requiring a great deal of work. If the law is unreasonable, it needs to be changed pronto, and it’s just a document. Yes, it is. It doesn’t fundamentally have to be hard, anyway, and I think you have to watch out for people that try to make you take the long path, when the facts clearly show there should be a much shorter one somewhere.

The fundamentally hard part is determining what the laws should be, all the compromises between the different parties, making sure you avoid unintended consequences (often poorly done, I would add) etc., and I don’t think that should be too hard in this case. Show big business the door and make the laws work for we, the people, instead.


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August 23, 2010 at 19:51

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