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This one is sightly pie-in-the-sky, but it always bugs me when people seem to ignore the important issues, that to me are more like big, red, blinking lights that should have been solved a long damn time ago.

Kitchens, and the need for them are one.

Some people like cooking, but even those people never cook all, or even most, of their food. I like cooking a bit, but it and the peripheral chores take too much time to be worth it as a recreational activity.

Projects like Nine Tiny Feet sometimes dispense with kitchens, but having lived without a kitchen myself for a while, they really are a must if you want to eat healthy. This determined by really looking at the data with regards to the food available from the store(s near me, which were pretty good and typical, a huge loblaws, sobeys, food basics, and an independent grocer), that doesn’t need a kitchen, and human nutritional needs.

But do they have to be? No, of course not. There is no basic reason we shouldn’t be able to buy healthy food ready to eat, eliminating the need for a kitchen. Anything I can do in the kitchen a machine could do, or can be done on a larger scale. But nobody anywhere does it at anything approaching a reasonable price, restaurants and catering placed the only business I have seen that do it at all. Obviously this is an ongoing problem for college dorms, certainly that was one of the main reasons I rented a room in a house during those years, so I could have a kitchen. I had written a spreadsheet in excel, and used a (global) solver to see what was the healthiest diet I could form with the stuff available without a kitchen, and not only would it have cost me almost $600 a month, it tasted awful, took forever to eat (there were a lot of dried foods), and still wasn’t very healthy, missing phytonutrients, etc., and I couldn’t really eat enough of it every day to stay healthy, it took so much chewing.


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August 25, 2010 at 04:08

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