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Tinyhouse talk has a post up that I found interesting.

Okay, so basically this is interesting for a number of reasons, including aerogel insulation, also the washing machine is completely foreign to me, I have no idea how that would work, but I wouldn’t be so surprised if it didn’t. “negative ions” in a context like this more often seems to be meaningless marketing drivel than anything…. usually it means there is an electrode at high voltage somewhere that might or might not be doing something significant like producing ozone. Maybe you have to wipe (wash) the dishes manually yourself first, and it’s just supposed to “sanitize” them. Why there are rfid tags in there somewhere, I have no idea.

The basic idea is certainly interesting. but they will never get it right enough, get all the parts worked out well enough, to be worth the money, I bet ( no idea what the price is, but I’m betting astronomical). They should sell the appliances separately, and let people buy what they want and need.

With stuff like this, you can never tell if it is based on research about how people cook and would really turn out to be nice to use, or something, or if it is just expensive junk that is supposed to reel in buyers by looking fancy and futuristic, but will end up being useless. Absent evidence to the contrary, I’ll assume it’s junk.

But you could make a good one. You have to allow that. It’s a sound general idea.

That ultrasonic washing device I mentioned a while back can do dishes, too, for instance, and could be integrated with the sink. Take the aerogel insulated oven from this, or maybe figure out a way to just put an insulated box over top of one of the burner elements, and that’s the oven. Or integrate the microwave with the regular oven like a so-called a half-time oven (there’s another term for these ovens which I forget, subway and other restaurants use them a lot). Make it a really high powered microwave, maybe even a pulse power one, that dumps a huge amount on energy very fast into the food. the oven should be well insulated of course.

Get a quiet, high efficiency fridge, maybe like the deep freeze-fridge I mentioned in the tiny kitchens post, maybe with separate, variable size compartments for different types of food. More burner elements. A vegetable stasis chamber that works bit like those modified atmosphere packaged vegetables, reduces the amount of oxygen in the chamber to reduce the rate of spoilage. Have the separate units as separate appliances so they can be moved around.
Maybe some sort of dispenser unit that would dispense flour etc. on demand.

A scale integrated into the countertop. Hm, Maybe a hot water dispenser, and a soap dispenser. A drinking water filter unit. Hey, what about an orange juice dispenser? You put the concentrated OJ in somewhere, and it automatically draws it out and mixes with water on demand.

Do something about that sink – if the water would sort of launch upwards and then fall into the center of the sink, it could be a lot easier to wash large pots. Also, bigger sink.

Foot controlled or otherwise easy to control sink water flow (it’s not really a faucet anymore I guess).

But most importantly would be the actual contextual design, taking into account what actions are necessary to prepare a good meal, and making them as easy and fast as possible. Maybe you could even design one around a certain (reasonably large) set of recipes, well balanced and planned from a nutrition, taste and convenience standpoint.


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September 3, 2010 at 01:38

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