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Another update on VirtualTinyHouseCon plans

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– It now has the official moniker VirtualTinyHouseCon, capitals included. I use the term tinyhouse on this blog because I decided to do that after having a lot of difficulty finding certain tinyhouse specific things with the search term “Tiny house”, and thought it was a better term. But most people probably think I’m just getting it wrong, so… It’s 2 words for the con (except that it’s contracted into “CamelCase” form).

– There aren’t enough people visiting this blog for it to make any sense to wait for more survey data to come it, so I’ll just pick something based on the survey data and the limited polling info, though the polls will remain open. Every Sat. 8-9, first one I’ll announce in the next post. We can change the time later, though it would require another announcement, and the effort of propagating the info around the net….

– And the theme is Construction materials: New or Recycled?, because it seems like this is a particularly rich one. You can save a lot of money with recycled materials, yet a lot of people are saying you can get stuff that is just like new, leftover from McMansion projects, etc. But is it more work? Come, and maybe you’ll find out from someone who knows firsthand!

Just think of the theme as a decoration on the wall; it doesn’t mean that anything else is “off-topic”, in fact if there is anything at all you want to talk about with other tinyhouse-interested people, or just want to meet others, get blogging material or whatever, that’s what this is Con for. Just bring yourself and if you can a friend, and have fun.

– couldn’t find anything that can be embedded in a blog post that would allow people to sign up for an email reminder, but I guess I could recommend but most people already have a billion different ways to remember stuff, so…

-I’m only giving a week’s notice, but since it is on a regular basis starting now, if you can’t make it this time, you could still pencil it in for 2 weeks from now.

-I’ll be emailing bloggers and if there is no contact info on the blog, posting in the comments section and posting on the forum.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions (including for the theme), I’d love to hear them in the comments of this post.

I’ll post a separate announcement post.


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November 6, 2010 at 22:19

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