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Vsee For VirtualTinyHouseCon?

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I recently discovered a piece of software called Vsee which looks particularly interesting for the Con.

I have been continuing to look into software options, I should post my notes up with those other notes I posted. I’ve not been being picky anymore, just trying to find out what is out there (and Tinychat is still looking like either the best or second best so far, actually).

Once the program is set up, I think it would be hard to do any better than Vsee, except for one thing: it doesn’t really support rooms. You can host a single meeting, and if someone calls you you can add them to the meeting, but that’s it.

Still, I could run multiple instances of Vsee under different usernames, I post the usernames on the blog post then when you want to join a room, you just call the relevant username, and then I will add you to the meeting. Boom, rooms.

Obviously this doesn’t scale very well, if there were 20 meeting participants that changed rooms 5 times each during the con I’d spend the whole hour doing this custodial thing. But I might be able to write some program or macro that would do it for me.

It’s based on the p2p approach, which is doubly-good in that it it gives you basically the best audio and video quality possible (there is also some particularly sophisticated compression apparently), and it also eliminates the server fees. In fact, Vsee is free for personal and non commercial use, so us.

You do have to download it, and sign up, but the sign up process is quick and painless – there are no confirmation emails or any waiting. You can just put whatever gobbldegook into the form you want and click go, and you’re all set.

It supports text for those on low bandwidth, audio, and video, whatever combination you want to work with.

I’m torn between letting it wait until the next con, and putting a note about it in the “The Con is happening now” post. Maybe better to wait, though if you see this you might download Vsee, and maybe during the con some of us can try it out just with a one or 2 room scenario (I have 2 computers so I can run 2 instances for 2 rooms easily, but more than that and I’d have to pull out VMware and get a virtual machine or virtualization layer working or something, which is not that hard, though).


Written by gregor

November 13, 2010 at 01:53

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