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VirtualTinyHouseCon #3 is Scheduled for Nov. 20 8 to 9 Pm Eastern Time

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Be here! Meet new people! Get some great blogging material! Learn tons of interesting and useful stuff! Share your story!

This time it will be using Vsee. Click there to download it. No install is required, just download it and run. Signup is quick and painless, a screen will pop up with a very short form (You just need to invent a Vsee ID and put in the form, and that is your ID from now on, and your email address and name, but the latter two can be made up if you prefer) when you run the program and there is no waiting or confirmation email.

Edit: After logging in with your own ID, just choose one from the blog post (I am GregorF and that will probably be one of the ids), put it into the text box in the “address book” window then hit vsee’s “call” button and you’ll be connected to the Con, and be able to see and talk with others in the room./edit

There will also be an extra web-base room like this one, using tinychat.

You can join by text, audio, video, or any combination thereof. So if you are not much of a typist, or you are on a low bandwidth internet connection, you can still come to the Con.

There is a theme! The Beauty Of Tiny Houses. It’s just a theme, though. The great part is meeting other real people interested in Tiny Houses, and there are a million awesome things to talk about.

Don’t miss out! It will be for only an hour each week, the plan is for it to be every Saturday 8-9 pm Eastern Time. What a chance to meet other great people interested in Tiny Houses from all over the country – no – world! Remember, anyone in the world could be there.

Think of all the awesome people in the Tiny House community you could meet.

Bloggers, builders, designers, dwellers, thinkers and dreamers, all in one tiny place at one tiny time. And you don’t even have to get out of your armchair to be there too.

P.s. If the time slot is not idea for you, don’t forget to vote in the poll on the right to tell me what you prefer.


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November 14, 2010 at 19:08

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  1. Thought I’d help clarify the directions for ya’. When you sign up, you’ll be creating your OWN id’s and you’ll be logged in with those. When it’s time for the con, put the ids from this page into your address book and hit enter to call into the “rooms”.

    BTW, there’s also private chat with everyone else in each room with you, as well as a group chat that everyone in each room can see.

    Hope this was helpful. Enjoy!


    November 17, 2010 at 18:44

    • Oh, thanks, John, I though I was clear but I definitely seem to miss the mark sometimes….


      November 17, 2010 at 23:39

  2. […] The VirtualTinyHouseCon is held every Saturday at 8 pm, Eastern Time. Just come to and there will be a blog post there with easy to follow instructions. Everyone is welcome and anyone in the world with an internet connection could be there. You can join by video, text, audio, or any combination thereof. If you are not much of a typist it is recommended that you have a microphone. Ear buds (like for an ipod), earphones or a headset are also highly recommended unless you have vista or win 7 in which case you’re good (see second link below). some backgrounder :… […]

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