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VirtualTinyHouseCon #3 summary

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Well, it was more interesting than last time! 2Coyotes came, but no one else. We talked for about 50 minutes about a bunch of stuff.

Including the con, trying to figure out a way to cajole all you antisocial old goats into coming.

Bill preferred tinychat because there is some sort of bothersome setup required to use vsee on an mac. We tried the audio/video feature. It was fine for me, but it looks like I should get a headset to reduce the echo that bill was getting, or use the push to talk option (which oddly didn’t occur to me at the time) which would prevent the echo so long as I was not pushing the talk button, which should be the norm when someone else is talking. That would eliminate the sound of my typing too, which was an issue. Or tweaking the audio settings could help some, come to think of it, you want low microphone sensitivity and speaker volume on the echo producing side (mine), then increase the speaker volume on the side that has a headset to compensate. Or I could use a normal keyboard so I can type faster and not transmit audio at all. Using Vsee might help too.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You need a good communication platform, and then add people with something interesting to talk about (which I think tinyhouses definitely qualify as).

I have a blog post up in which I post the notes I took (and I’ve since done a fair bit more investigating, I should add those notes to the post later) on the different software options, finding and looking at maybe 20 options. If what I found is not enough, and maybe the hardware people tend to possess (e.g. lack of headphones and sound cards like mine that cannot filter out their own echo, though there are some that can) is not good enough, then the state of technology is not good enough at this point in history to hold a con like this.

Personally I think it is more than adequate though, to share ideas, experience, meet people, all that, really. Is that not the main attraction of a conference?

It continues to perplex me that of the probably much >20,000 people that read tinyhouse blogs, almost none are apparently interested in meeting others interested in the topic.

Anyway, remember, VirtualTinyHouseCon will be held again every Saturday, at 8 PM, so the next one is on Nov 27. It will probable be held like this time, primarily with Vsee, and with a backup tinychat room.


Written by gregor

November 20, 2010 at 21:26

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  1. Vsee will not work on a Mac

    Bill Zaspel

    November 24, 2010 at 08:24

    • Damn, sorry I cannot check or try to do any troubleshooting for you, not having even access to a mac myself. Did you see the guide for Vsee on how to get it working using Vmware? I think Vmware is for pay software though, you could probably get a pirated version somewhere. A pain in the neck, though. I guess this sort of thing is just sort of part and parcel of macs, though.

      You can still join by tinychat. There should be no more of that annoying echo this time, with the precautions I posted in “read this if you are thinking of coming to virtualtinyhousecon #4”. I’ll be using earbuds.


      November 25, 2010 at 04:35

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