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To eliminate echo for other users (which occurs when your microphone can hear your speakers), there are a number of options, one of which should be easy for almost anyone:

– Simply use a computer with Windows vista ro windows 7. The OSes have built in echo cancellation technology. Handy.

-Use earbuds (like for an Ipod, it does not need to have a microphone built in) or heaphones with your computer’s or webcam’s built in microphone.

– use a headset, those things with a microphone and headphones put together.

– simply turn your microphone off, just by clicking the microphone icon in Vsee. You will be able to hear everyone, but not speak by audio. You can still type in the text chat window.

Remember, download Vsee here. Just run it, there’s no install, and then just enter whatever you feel like in the very short signup screen. There is no waiting or confirmation email.


Written by gregor

November 21, 2010 at 20:28

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