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VirtualTinyHouseCon #6, 7 summary

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I never wrote a summary for 6 last time because my internet connection at home has been a real problem, but Rulgert came and we must have spent at least an hour and 20 minutes talking about a bunch of stuff, mostly his super cool tree saucer project. We tried Vsee and it worked fine, except that it could not, of course, get video across over Rulgert’s dial up.

I thought Rulgert was coming to 7 too, but I guess something must have come up, because I’m here and don’t see anyone, so I’ll use the time to write the summaries. Anyway, Vsee seems to be working fine so far, though.

BTW, The VirtualTinyHouseCon was in the tiny living newsletter last week, apparently, getting the announcement posts another 128 hits. But still no takers apparently…. and in other news 6 more people have voted in the poll for their preferred time:

1-5 PST M-F typically, but not a guarantee. 1
Sunday Evening after 8pm 1
I like Saturday but wish it was in the afternoon (before 3pm est) 1 [?]
Weeknight 8pm EST 1
noon Sunday morning 1
6pm cst.


Written by gregor

December 18, 2010 at 20:16

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  1. #7 i was doing three hour round snow shoe trips to stock up on food for the winter…just needed a couple of back packs of extras…it was a crazy week…things are settled down, but i’ve been kind of depressed and lethargic, this does matter allot to me…..and i feel really bad i missed the con…..

    to tell ya the truth, i wish the Canadian/American border would just evaporate….that’s why i couldn’t keep working at free spirit spheres….the parameters where just to difficult for me …i had to keep coming back state side and making enough money to top off my cash at the required minimum for each months stay, i could only be up there for two months at a shot, and then i had to ping pong again…and the cost of transit, and transient living, was much more than each two month stay….

    electronic communication is difficult for me with my slow connection and slow button poking….But i’m here with ya man….towards a better tiny house.



    January 1, 2011 at 21:42

  2. Lol, wow, 3 hours of snowshoeing. Rulgert definitely gets excused 🙂 Don’t feel too pressured, after all, though. Here’s looking forwards to hearing hwo stuff is working out for the saucers and the vacuum dome thing at one of the future cons, if and when you can make it, eh?

    And yeah, as a Canadian, the border thing is a real pain in the ass, especially when ordering stuff from the states. They wouldn’t give you a visa to work here or something? I could vouch for you, I think, as a Canadian citizen, I think, I might be wrong about that.


    January 2, 2011 at 17:34

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