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VirtualTinyHouseConference #10 summary

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It was great, you should have come.

Wy, Rulgert and Eightball all showed up and we talked for more than 2 hours about all kinds of stuff, there were introductions (turns out wy is building and epu, and Rulgert is of course building tree saucers and eightball has some sort of cool project that is under wraps) and we talked about biochar, bloom boxes, practical power generation for tinyhouses, about whether it matters if the tax people find out about the tinyhouse, zoning, Eightball and Rulgert’s totally fascinating projects, , about the hassles the canadian government is giving Rulgert , and more besides.

It’s different talking with strangers than with friends and family, though, and I learned some lessons this time that I will be applying to future cons:

– Introductions are a good idea (Rulgert’s idea) and will probably become a common feature, and maybe question-answer rounds
– I’ll post the reminders , both on the blog and the forum.
– If using text I should try to not make as many typos and to use complete sentences, or at least put a period on there somewhere so it doesn’t look like I intend to continue the sentence.

Audio. I really think I need to push audio harder. Anyone who has the hardware really should be using it. The number of words per minute is just so slow with typing, and though I can type normally (though sub size keyboard here) it still is not anywhere as fast as talking, and more importantly that is the case for everyone else too. Some people don’t have the hardware though, and we need to keep text open as an option for them.

People seem to be reluctant to use voice though, and I think a lot of this really comes down to shyness more than anything. But text only is really not going to work as well as we need. I got a headset now so I should be using this at the next Con. I am committing to not typing this time, only audio, unless there is someone there without speakers who would be left out or something. I strongly recommend everyone else do the same.

BTW I might not be blogging much in the near future because a major noise problem has developed in my apartment here because the landlords failed to obey the building codes in numerous places and the government lets them get away with it. So I have to drop everything and deal with this stupid crap. Yeah, that’s totally why I’m paying $900 a month, this is totally what I was looking for. I can’t *wait* to get a tinyhouse and get away from this crap. Only of course the stupid government keeps getting in the way.


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January 6, 2011 at 16:09

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  1. ahhh…the border patrol was just doing their job as far as i’m concerned….they really did single me out and pick me over each, and every single time, except for the last couple of times i was up……but i’m used to that because i’m one of those freaky types….

    it’s just there is lots of red tape….beyond the border, there’s more to it than that and perhaps that’s necessary…..the building codes are gov. enforced too, (well supposed to be)…..i don’t think it’s really the gov’ here or there….it’s just things are slow to change, that’s all…



    January 6, 2011 at 17:11

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