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VirtualTinyHouseConference #11 summary

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Damn, I failed to post the reminder in the tinyhouse forum.

Nevertheless Rulgert showed up around 8:23 and I was doing something else, assuming that tinychat would make it’s boink noise when someone joined. It didn’t. Sorry Rulgert. Anyway I went to close the window at 8:50 or something and he was still there and we talked about a bunch of stuff including biochar and how to store the resulting flammable gas for later as a heat source, how to seal the vacuum dome-door on his tree saucers and some other stuff. Then Eightball showed up, and we talked about his project, and welding and this industrial erector set thing and stuff until 9:20 when I really had to go shopping before the store closed. But the conference was still going on, so I don’t know what happened after that.

I used the headset at first but Rulgert’s dial us is too slow or low QOS to get good audio I think and it doesn’t make much sense for only one person to be using audio anyway, so I ditched that.

Anyway hope anyone reading this comes again next time, I’ve set a reminder to post the reminder on the forum too this time.


Written by gregor

January 13, 2011 at 00:49

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  1. Not a lot happened after you left. I was trying to be helpful, but my limitations got in the way. I did learn a little more about what Rulgert is actually doing, though.

    I realize this is late in the other game, but have you tried Google Wave. It seems this conference thing is right up its alley. It was supposed to be turned down by now, but it is still up.
    A couple features that would help:
    It shows what you are writing as you type, so instead of having to wait for a carriage return to find out what the person is typing, you can start jumping to conclusions earlier (jk).
    It also provides a permanent record, so when we are talking amongst ourselves, you can still be a part of it..

    As far as the death of Google wave, the coup de grace was delayed until a home for existing waves is found, which hopefully would not just be a graveyard, but a new home. One can hope.


    January 13, 2011 at 12:29

    • Sorry, that first paragraph didn’t quite come out as I wanted, but I can’t rewrite it at this time, just trying to capture intent and failure on my part.


      January 13, 2011 at 12:37

    • Okay, thanks for the feedback, Eightball. I think I checked google wave but I’ll check again. If you want you can cut and paste the text from the tinychat chat window to a text file. I don’t do that though because I don’t want people to feel like whatever they are saying will be posted on my blog. Like when you were talking about your project, which is still under wraps.

      Yes, msn messenger says that someone is typong when they are typing it, but doesn’t let you see what they are saying, and that could be a good feature. Seeing what people are saying as they are typing would be good too except sometimes I delete what I was going to say and say something else instead.

      Really though those limits would be overcome with audio. Another reason to switch to audio. Text based is just not the best way to hold a conference (though better than nothing for sure) unless we can all type at 100 wpm.

      I have some notes on this blog about software options and some more in a file on my computer somewhere.


      January 14, 2011 at 20:15

      • Yeah, looks like unfortunately wordpress won’t let me embed anything. The free version doesn’t allow it. I had previously tried embedding tinychat. Useless crap. Am looking into other blog platforms on principle. So yes we could do the next con on Google wave, I would use a wave and make it public. But only people with google accounts could join. I think we might as well if you think it is better, but tinychat is the most reliable option so I’ll include that too


        January 14, 2011 at 22:20

    • Okay I have had a look at google wave. Was pretty fast if you have a gmail account already, no signup. But gmail now requires that you give them your cell phone number before you sign up for a gmail account now (!) so it’s a problem for anyone who doesn’t already have a google account. However it looks like I can embed a wave in a blog that anyone can edit . Probably not this blog though becaue this is the free version of wordpress that doesn;t let me embed stuff. Still I’ll try it.

      I see it shows stuff as you type. I tried the video chat extension. Doesn’t work on either of the 2 computers I tried it on. I click add extension, click confirm, go to a wave, it’s not in the toolbar. Other extensions work fine. So looks like video chat is not going to work out ( unless there is another extension that does it somewhere.) Still checking if there is a teleconference like extension.


      January 14, 2011 at 21:39

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