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VirtualTinyHouseConference #13 summary

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Rulgert and Dercon (I think?) came, but Rulgert didn’t want to install Vsee and join Dercon and me. We used audio, but there was a thunder-like noise on Dercon’s end. Still I could hear him fine. I was using the headset and everything so I didn’t know what was up. I later determined using sound recorder there is a badly-tuned radio like noise coming from my headset’s microphone and I can’t get rid of it so maybe that was it. Arg. It was working fine when I used it just a few days ago. But I can use the microphone built into the computer+the headphones and the audio is actually pretty good. Dercon has windows 7 and the acoustic echo cancellation works but it’s not perfect. Arg. It says very clearly in the Vsee documentation that it should be fine. But he had headphones so that was solved soon. Still, this is ridiculous. There really should be echo cancellation built into vsee.

But even so we actually talked about a bunch of different stuff for 40 minutes, Dercon is apparently planning to actually to build a totally off grid tinyhouse, and live off grid, even grow a lot of his own food, is actively looking for land and has a goo deal of money saved, so he’s actually going for it. We talked about “solar cans”, photvoltaic systems, heating, sketchup, and the design of the houses. Apparently there is a mistake in the tumbleweed XS house plans that Dercon had spotted with the engineering drawings for the roof, and he seems to be a construction professional of some sort. Was really interesting but would definitely be easier to communicate with audio.

So it sounds like a really interesting project anyway, and I can;t find any information about this “solar can” thing, which sounds like a quonset hut painted black so it warms up in the day… I’ll have to ask him about that if he comes again next time. Also I said to definitely drop me a line if he starts a blog, and I’ll share it with y’all since I think it would make a really interesting project blog.

It occurs to me that several of the people that have showed up are building tinyhouses, but none of them have ever shown up at the same time, excpt eightball and Rulgert, but Rulgert’s tree saucer project is so radical (which is part of why it is so cool though), there’s not that much room for tip-swapping. I just know you guys’d hit it off if you could actually communicate with each other in some way….. oh well. It doesn’t take much effort to keep holding the con except sometimes I feel like I sort of have to make time and make sure I am there, as the host and all. But it’s interesting when people do show up, so I’ll keep holding it for now.


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January 27, 2011 at 12:05

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  1. Sorry, I lost power due to a snow storm and only regained power within the last hour.


    January 27, 2011 at 21:46

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