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VirtualTinyHouseConference #17 is happening now

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edit : shit, I missed it. I don’t have a watch right now, and whe I got home it was 10:40- I don’t know how the heck that happened. Sorry, I meant to come. Well, next time, alas.

Remember: bring speakers and a microphone. If you have them you should use them. I’m hereby declaring it poor etiquette to, if you have it, not use it. Because you would make it difficult for people to hear and talk to you, slowing down the conversation. Still better to come without than not come at all. If you have windows vista or 7 you might be able to get away without them, because these OSes have some built in echo cancellation.

If you haven’t done so yet, download and run Vsee. There’s no install to go through. When you run the program, it will prompt you to fill out a short form to sign up but you can enter anything you want, and there is no confirmation email or waiting.

I plan to be here, but this post is scheduled to appear automatically so if for some reason I can’t make it, someone else can host it by putting their vsee username in the comments section below. (after someone calls you, click on some of the icons in your video window, and under one of the menus that pop up there will be an option “host meeting” then when someone calls you, somewhere in their video window, you can click “add to meeting” so they can see everyone else).

My Vsee ID is GregorF.

There is also one tinychat room in case Vsee is not working out for some reason, though that has not been a problem so far:
VirtualTinyHouseConference Tinychat room

The VirtualTinyHouseConference is currently being held every Wednesday at 8 pm, Eastern Time. Just come to and there will be a blog post there with easy to follow instructions. Everyone is welcome and anyone in the world with an internet connection could be there.

You can join by video, text, audio, or any combination thereof. If you are not much of a typist it is recommended that you have a microphone. If you have vista or win 7 you might be good with whatever speakers and mic you have because they have some limited built in echo cancellation but if you have Win xp, ear buds (like for an ipod), earphones or a headset are recommended, otherwise you cannot use both the mic and speakers at the same time without causing echo for others (which occurs when they say something, it comes out your speakers and is picked up by your mic and sent back to them).

Some backgrounder :…tinyhousecon-4/ ‎


Written by gregor

February 23, 2011 at 19:59

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  1. 18:56] guest-7907 changed nickname to rulgert
    [18:58] rulgert: Hey everyone….errrr….anyway my ear phone is chargeing and it will be doing that for
    [18:59] rulgert: the next two hours….( according to the directions i just started reading…sorry…
    [18:59] rulgert: next time for shure though…
    [19:35] rulgert: if any one shows up and i don’t pop on right away, i will, but i’m listening to guitar
    [19:35] rulgert: peddle vids on u tube….kidda loud…but i’ll keep cheacking back…
    [21:21] rulgert: ok….well i didn’t show up last time, so i suppose that what i get…hopefully vsee you
    [21:21] rulgert: guys next time..


    February 23, 2011 at 22:23

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