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Dry dock boat as a tiny house

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On relaxshax.
Hm. That never occurred to me before.

I was thinking, in order to get around zoning in a rural area of little use in the city though, I guess, maybe digging a pond and floating the tinyhouse on the pond would make it a “houseboat”. I don’t know what the whims of the ruling class are regarding houseboats, might be tolerated by their highnesses… Of course it you had a waterfront property or something it’s especially useful.

An above ground pond, just made of e.g. plywood might be useful, and easier to build. Ultimately you could shrink the pond down to the size of the house footprint, and it would look little different from the outside, and be pretty easy to build. Depends on The Rules, though.


Written by gregor

March 10, 2011 at 22:33

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