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I figure you have to watch out when it comes to fold up stuff. The whole folding thing can be annoying and increase the price quite a bit. But I think a fold up shower might be a good idea in a tinyhouse. You could have a full size shower, with the shower base folding up against the wall like a murphy bed. You could use any one of the nice shower bases in the hardware store this way.

How to drain the water out could be done using a sort of air excluding valve, as shown on the figure. The first one could be made yourself easily. There are just 2 float valves in a small box. The “to drain pump” line is kept at a constant suction by the pump – this can easily be arranged for using a pump and a pressure switch, or if you don’t mind mixing greywater and sewage, you could use a vacuum flush toilet, and use that vacuum line provided by that system, so you don’t even need an extra pump. When water gets in the box, it lifts the float valve at the bottom of the box, opening the valve, allowing the water to be sucked away. This valve should be of the type that opens wider the higher the water level is, rather than the type that switches on/off abruptly.

Th upper float valve is optional. It is just to prevent any sort of overflow of the drain if the drain pump were to be turned off or malfunction. When the water level gets too high, it cuts off the water flow to the shower head.

There are at least 3 advantages to a system like this over just putting a pump directly in the shower base: One, you can use the same suction pump line for the faucet etc. without the extra cost of another pump, and two, there is no problem with noise of the pump turning on/off under your feet while you use the shower, and 3, there are no electrical components near the shower.

You want there to be a minimum of standing water in the system, so you just make it as small as practical. You might be able to buy a valve of some sort that does exactly this sort of thing from the hardware store, but I couldn’t find one. you need to make some sort of provisions for the small amount of water that remains in the drain when you fold up the shower, you don’t want it to spill of course.

The other valve shown is just a bit smaller is all. It’s basically a tube with a triangular hole cut in the side, with a sort of cap with a float on it that can move up and down, allowing water to flow through the triangle or not.

Alternatively, if you are using the municipal sewage system, and don’t care about mixing sewage with greywater, maybe you could just put the shower directly over the toilet, so water just goes in the toilet. You’d need to make the ceiling a bit taller so you could stand on it.

If the shower was stand alone or otherwise not contained entirely inside the bathroom, the shower door could be one of those folding doors, you know the kind, that have about a dozen sections and hinges that fold up. You could attach the shower head to the door thing. That way the whole shower could fold up right into the wall and disappear.

This post is a post I selected from the archives to repost. Since few if any of the current readers have read it, I thought it would be just as good as a newly written post.


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April 4, 2011 at 20:40

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