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Reminder: The VirtualTinyHouseConference is today 8 to 9 PM Eastern Time Reminder: The VirtualTinyHouseConference is today 8 to 9 PM Eastern Time VirtualTinyHouseConference

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Remember: bring speakers and a microphone. If you have them you should use them. I’m hereby declaring it poor etiquette to, if you have it, not use it. Because you would make it difficult for people to hear and talk to you, slowing down the conversation. Still better to come without than not come at all. Headphones or similar are highly recommended, anything so your microphone can’t pick up sound from your speakers.

Got questions? Got a cool project you are interested in getting feedback on? Want to learn more about solutions for water, building, zoning, locating tinyhouses, or well hey anything else someone else might know or be able to figure out?

You can meet new people! Get some great blogging material! Learn tons of interesting and useful stuff! Share your story! Talk to other awesome people interested in tiny houses!

And it’s free! And you can stay at home and sit in a comfy chair at the same time, what a deal.

Just be here at 8 Pm Eastern (Handy time zone converter)!

Remember, anyone in the world with an internet connection could be here.

I might not be able to come this time, but as usual if I an home and get the chance to will show up. At this point I recommend just setting a reminder on your cell phone or something and if you are home watching TV or something at the time they hey, why not check to see if there are other people interested in tinyhouses that have shown up at the ‘con. Sometimes new people show up sort of randomly.


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April 6, 2011 at 01:00

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