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Okay, I seem to have mostly used up the ideas I had been meaning to post on the web in some way, from my notes file. Now I enter into the realm of blogging what I am thinking rather than what I have thought through a fair bit already.

A pop out bathroom. A tankless toilet, plumbed with flexible rubber tubing, could be attached to a hinge, so it can swing away under a countertop. You could make the hinge such that there is very little clearance between the bottom of the toilet (the stand or base which would normally be attached to the floor) so when you sit on it, the hinge bends slightly, the bottom of the toilet fixture touches the floor, and the force of your weight is transmitted directly to the floor.

Then you could make the shower base either fold up to the wall or perhaps slide away like a drawer.

Or the toilet could be attached to the shower base, and move with it. There are lots of different mechanisms that could work.

The walls are an issue, but they could fold away, though. Maybe they could me make of a sheet material and rolled up, but sealing the wall so it does not allow water to escape seems like it would be hard…

What this is all in aid of, or course, is being able to make use of all that space that a bathroom would otherwise consume when it is not being used.

Another approach could be to take a relatively ordinary wet-floor bathroom, of the sort typically used in tinyhouses, and basically remove one wall. Then, have a big, sliding storage unit with wheels on the bottom, that can slide into and out of the bathroom, and when it is out of the bathroom, one side of it forms the missing bathroom wall. In other words, the bathroom stays in the same place, but something like a storage unit moves into the bathroom when the bathroom is not used.

When you are using the bathroom, the storage unit would be in the common area, the great room or whatever. When you are not using the bathroom, you slide the storage space back into position. This could give you quite a bit if extra storage space, but the obvious problem is that the storage unit would be pretty heavy when it was full, so pretty hard to move back and forth.

Plus the total, whole storage unit+bathroom assembly takes up more space on the tinyhouse’s floor plan, which might be a problem

If you can make use of all the storage space opened up using this sort of approach, (remember storage and food storage is a standing problem for tinyhouses), it might be the easiest way, being relatively simple to build, though, since the plumbing and electrical connections the bathroom needs (well it doesn’t really need electrical) do not have to be flexible.

The shower base can be folded up too. But the walls? Well, you could put hinges at the corners of the walls, so they can fold up into a big, flat 3 layer board (the 4th wall would be the cabinet, the ceiling… hm, could also fold up, or be omitted?)

Another way could be to use those multi segmented folding doors sometimes used for kitchens, etc.

Another way that occurred to me was to use tough silicone rubber for each wall, a bit like those silicone baking sheets but probably a different rubber. It could be rolled up for storage, though you’d need to decide on an exact mechanism. Some silicone rubbers are very tough, and could last reasonably well.

I found 2 supposedly folding bathrooms in a short search, the “vertebrae” and the MVR folding bathroom. Neither is suitable for a tinyhouse, really, to expensive, and takes up to much space, plus there is no point in having 2 sinks.

This post is a post from the archives I selected to update and repost. Since few if any of the current readers have read it, I thought it would be just as good as a newly written post.


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April 8, 2011 at 15:03

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