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Hideaway ceiling-stow Winch bed

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This one’s just a quickie. Tinyhousetalk mentioned the hideaway ceiling bed. I couldn’t find any price info on the web with a quick search… as usual, plenty of people saying they sell it, no dollar signs anywhere. But it probably costs a fortune, a murphy bed usually costs $800 or more.

So, I was thinking, you can get cheap winches (there might be a hand winch that would be cheaper and not require a 12v power supply).

Suppose you take 4 ropes, and attach them in parallel to the winch drum. Then putting these through eye loops or something, run them up to the ceiling, to 4 points, down from which they come, to connect to a wooden board big enough to put a bed on. They would be reeled in simultaneously by the winch, and the winch can certainly support the weight. When it is deployed, the board could be resting on something, unless you don’t mind the motion that would result from just leaving it suspended from the ceiling.

Finish the bottom as you wish to get it to resemble a ceiling when in the stowed position. The winch must have limit switches to prevent it from continuing to wind up when the rope is wound, so use that to stop the winching when the bed is fully stowed. You might want a safety mechanism that stops the winch when a plate above the bed is pressed against. A sheet of aluminum or quarter inch ply connected to a switch, maybe.

A hand winch would overcome the safety problem as well as being cheaper, and maybe faster to deploy/stow. You can buy decorative looking ropes, dyed in nice colors and stuff, too.

So that’s it, a cheap hideaway ceiling bed.


Written by gregor

April 14, 2011 at 11:30

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