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VirtualTinyHouseConference Changes: Now every even numbered day 8-9PM Eastern

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I could set up my spare computer with a macro to open a vsee conference call every second day and accept anyone who calls it, but I don’t think there is much point in doing it that way. It’s inelegant. If my computer crashes or something that would be a problem.

I know this might sound on it’s face facepalm-inadequate, but I think I’ll just put an announcement on the sidebar of this blog that says the con is every day at 8 PM, and to click a link to the tinychat room, where people can swap their Vsee usernames and form a Vsee conference call if they want to.

It’s ad-hoc. Ad-hoc is good. Flexible. Groovy. Organic. What would be better is if people who attended could change the time based on a voting system… hm. something I’ll have to think about how to do.

But people are accustomed to the scheduling of TV shows already, so maybe a fixed time is better anyway. It’s unlikely to work, but it’s better than just saying I give up. If you’re reading tinyhouse blogs or watching TV anyway when 8 pm rolls around, maybe grab a headset and swing by.

However just so you know I don’t actually expect any success, because there is no jump-starting attendance-stimulus process here, to get that initial seed of interesting discussion going. This is really just my way of retreating without admitting it. It seems pretty clear at this point that this sort of thing takes at least some money to do well, money I don’t have.


Written by gregor

April 17, 2011 at 21:59

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