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I have been reading about Open Farm tech recently, which some people here might be interested in.

There is a omnipresent aura surrounding tinyhouses that involves homesteading type stuff, and the whole bits-to-atoms and design problem. As well as an understanding that there are major problems with our current industrial made-for-the dump and made-to-suit-the-needs-of-the-manufacturer-not-you-the-user way of making stuff, whether it be food, tools, housing, what have you.

The bits to atoms problem is how to turn your ideas and designs into a practical affordable reality – something building a tinyhouse is an obvious manifestation of. We often can’t just buy the stuff we want because either manufacturer’s want a fortune for it or simply because no one makes it. And of course design is made that much harder by these facts, because if you want something to not cost a fortune you can only make use of parts that are easy or cheap to obtain. Designing something that works is a lot easier than designing something you can actually build and afford.

Also, this guy seems to have basically taken some welding and other basic equipment, inexpensive commodity parts, some land and some hard work and time, and he’s got a quite profitable business now, which you are perfectly free, and in fact invited, to copy using the designs and such he is putting on the web. Thus taking much less time to set up than he did.

The whole idea of open source business practices has a ton of potential as a way to start a business and earn money outside of the traditional wage slave system: You’re an entrepreneur, but you dodge one of the main problems that entrepreneurs face, which is the cost and time of the development cycle. An intriguing idea.


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April 20, 2011 at 05:08

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  1. i’ve been open source for years and still can’t get any co-operation going on…i do wish these guys the best of luck however…



    April 20, 2011 at 17:35

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