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I’m still uncertain about this option, because when I called the city they said that RVs are not allowed on city lots, but it says right there in the zoning bylaw that they are, specifically referencing RVs in the relevant residential zoning areas. I need to call them again, I guess, I was actually calling about something else at the time so I didn’t ask for refs.

Anyway, the theory is that you are not allowed to “live in” or “inhabit” a trailer that is parked on the property. So suppose you have a willing homeowner who is willing to go along here. You could say that you live in a room in the house, and that the tinyhouse is just your studio.

I would need to look in more detail into the details of the enforcement in a situation like this. What sort of proof does the city need to be allowed to conclude you live in the tinyhouse? Are they allowed to go into the main house and check to see there is a room there that you are apparently using? That seems like it would be pretty draconian, basically invading someone’s home for a search operation when none of the stuff involved here even falls under the criminal code.

In the US you guys have the, what is it, fifth amendment (okay that’s probably wrong), but here the government can actually do that sort of thing under some circumstances in Canada. Even if they were allowed to, though, you could set up a room with a hammock and a dresser and just call it a day. The homeowner can still use the room for their purposes, and you can say that is where you sleep. Unless the bastards can come at night and find you committing the heinous crime of not sleeping in an approved location. I remember reading that zoning code inspections were limited to 9 am to 8 pm… have to check though.

However a homeowner might be willing to go for this sort of thing, if I owned a house and was looking for some extra cash, I might try it. If worse comes to worse and it doesn’t work out you can clear out one of the rooms in your house and your renter could be actually living there while they find somewhere else (obviously tell them the whole story before they even come to view the place and be sure they are getting a fair price, considering these details), then after they move sell the tinyhouse. Sometimes there is no fine for the first time you break a zoning regulation. Actually, the law here says you can store 2 trailers on your property, so as long as the neighbors are not harmed by it….

As a tinyhouse owner looking for a place to put the tinyhouse, though, you’d have to check into all that stuff, get the court records out for similar cases and stuff and find out what the story is, I guess. Might be useable, might not. There are a lot of other variables too, and an extra one like the risk of political problems could be the tree that breaks the camel’s back and makes it not worthwhile….


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May 4, 2011 at 00:09

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